Frequently Asked Questions

Will my customers' names be published on the internet?

Absolutely not. If a customer leaves feedback or provides a reference, the only personally identifiable information that's ever published will be the first part of their post code. I do insist on full contact details though, so I can check that references are genuine. See the privacy policy for full details.

I'm not a tradesman. Will you set up a category for me?

Not right away. At the moment, specialises in tradesmen. But please email me anyway to register your interest so I can get back in touch when I'm ready for you.

In the near future I plan to create new areas of the website that will expand the range of categories covered. These will include businesses connected with functions and events, businesses connected with personal well being, business to business and businesses that might be found on the High Street.

Can big companies join

Yes. There's nothing to stop big companies from registering but their size and spending power won't give them any advantage here. In the end, your distance from the job's location and the standard of your work are all that really count at

Are you registered for VAT?

Yes. My VAT registration number is 895 9934 36. VAT receipts are issued by email and duplicates are available to download or print at any time from this website.

Got a question?

Then email it to me at I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can and post the answers to common questions on this page.

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