Tradesman Search Facility

Part of the power of is its sophisicated yet easy to use search facility.

Precise selection delivers you the right customers.

Your customers don't just search for a particular tradesman category in their area. They also specify a series of "qualities" they're looking for in their tradesman. In other words, they're presented with the same sub-categories that a trademen sees when they register with this web site and they indicate which ones are essential, desirable or not important.

Sophisticated ranking engine

If your business doesn't have all of the essential qualities, it will not appear on the list of search results. The more "desirable" qualities it has, the more chance it has of appearing near the top of the list. The details of the ranking process are a closely guarded commercial secret, but many other factors influence the order of the search results such as how close the job is to you, your feedback rating and how long it's been since you've been asked for an estimate.

Less time wasted means more time making money

By making sure your business is a close fit with the customers requirements before they even speak to you, will save you time wasted on phone calls and visits to "customers" from whom you never really had any serious chance of getting work. Your customers will love it too. A major source of frustration for customers is tradesmen who either never turn up to do an estimateor turn up only to say that they can't do the job.

...And it makes sure you get your fair share.

There's an element of "fairness" built into the ranking process. This attempts to ensure that similarly suitable tradesmen each get a fair share of the work by slightly favouring the ones who haven't been asked for an estimate in a while.

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