Estimate requests.

When a customer decides they'd like to ask you for an estimate, you get full details by email of course, but you also get a text message so you can really impress them with a quick response before you even get to read the email.

How it works

Sender: FindAGood1
Please contact Brian Smith, 01514960231
Re: Build front garden wall and block pave driveway / patio.
Location: L18
Required: A.S.A.P.
Example text message.

To contact you to request an estimate, the customer simply ticks a box alongside your premium listing. Then they enter the nature and rough location of the job and a text like the example shown opposite is sent to you. From then on, it's up to you to phone them back at a time that's convenient to you. You're sent an email with full details at the same time as the text message and the whole lot is available for you to browse on line at any time.

Of course, customers will have your full contact details and are free to contact you in the traditional way if they prefer.

Coming soon....

I've got lots of improvements planned for SMS messaging. Here are the first 2:

  1. Opt out: the ability to prevent text messages being sent to you.
  2. Hours of Business: a facility that lets you indicate when you're available to be contacted. Text messages will be held by the system until you're ready for them, regardless of what time of the day or night the customer sends them.

If you're particularly keen to see these or any other improvements implemented quickly, please let me know using the "contact us" option below.

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